Fun Flourish Recipes

  • Birthday Cake Whoopie Pies

    Packed with protein and sprinkles! These healthier funfetti whoopies pies are perfect for any birthday celebration 🥳

  • Protein Packed Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

    Two classic breakfast treats in one! This Cinnamon Roll Pancake is a decadent breakfast that is ready in no time and SO GOOD!
  • Bubble Waffle Cones

    Homemade waffle cones that are packed with protein and healthier than ones you'd pick up at the store! Plus, they're SO yummy 😍
  • Edible Protein Cookie Dough

    The easiest cookie dough ever! Plus, it's vegan, gluten free and safely enjoyed raw 😋
  • Protein Double Double Donuts

    A classic Timmy's donut made healthy! Give this espresso flavoured protein donut a try for a delicious pick-me-up.
  • Protein Everything Bagels

    The savoury breakfast we've all been waiting for! These Protein Everything Bagels are soft, delicious and so easy to make.
  • Chocolate Chunk Cookies

    A classic recipe that you need in your protein cookbook! These cookies are absolutely delicious and so easy to make 🤤
  • Protein Chocolate Chip Bear Paws

    These bear paws are a protein packed DREAM! They’re super fudgy and have vegan chocolate chips that make this recipe just perfect 🤤
  • Vegan Chocolate Chip Protein Bars

    The easiest plant-based protein bar you've ever tried ⚡ It's also delicious and 100% gluten free!
  • Protein Cosmic Brownies

    The nostalgia is real! These brownies are packed with protein, super easy to make and taste AMAZING 💫
  • Plant-Based & GF Cinnamon Donuts

    These donuts are easy, fluffy and super soft! They taste SO GOOD and the sugar cinnamon topping makes them just perfect 🤤

  • Protein Blueberry Muffins (Plant-Based & GF)

    Quick, easy and oh so delicious 🤤 This recipe is a dream for all our vegan and gluten free friends out there! You can have a protein packed snack that’ll last all week long in no time 🙌