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WHEY-BASED PANCAKES There’s no whey you’ll find better tasting pancakes.

  • 24GProtein
  • 7GFiber
  • 0GAdded Sugar

PLANT-BASED PANCAKES The most delicious way to live life on the veg!

  • 11GProtein
  • 9GFiber
  • 190Calories

Plant-Based & Gluten-Free

Plant-Based Protein 🥞 Grain Free 🥞 Low Sugar


We took a timeless classic and made it even better. Flourish Original is our flagship plant-based...

Chocolate Chip

Name a more iconic duo than chocolate chips and pancakes, we’ll wait. Flourish Chocolate Chip pla...

High Protein Whey-Based

23g of Protein 🥞 Whole Grains 🥞 No Added Sugar


This one’s a healthy overhaul on a timeless classic. Fortified with Flax Seed and Whey Protein Isolate, our mix is the perfect blend of organic goodness...


Open the bag, take a whiff, and let your senses ascend to pure vanilla heaven. An- other whiff and you’ll pledge your eternal love. Inside the bag, a beautifully blonde...


Deeply rich and aromatic, this mix is made to give you all the feels. While the flavour fondly reminds your taste buds...

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