To Improve eating habits by creating better-for-you<br> foods that taste delicious.

To Improve eating habits by creating better-for-you
foods that taste delicious.

Buttermilk Protein Pancake Mix


This one’s a healthy overhaul on a timeless classic. Fortified with Flax Seed and Whey Protein Isolate, our mix is the perfect blend of organic goodness...

Vanilla Protein Pancake Mix


Open the bag, take a whiff, and let your senses ascend to pure vanilla heaven. An- other whiff and you’ll pledge your eternal love. Inside the bag, a beautifully blonde...

Chocolate Protein Pancake Mix


Deeply rich and aromatic, this mix is made to give you all the feels. While the flavour fondly reminds your taste buds...

Birthday Cake Protein Pancake Mix (Limited Edition)

Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to Flourish! We've just turned 2! To celebrate, we wanted to share our Birthday Ca...

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