Our Story


Flourish was created by Canadian brothers, Andrew & Peter Maida. And, like any great product, it was created out of necessity, and without any expectation to be sold.


Andrew (athlete, entrepreneur, not so handy in the kitchen) had just moved out of his parents house at 21. #ImABigKidNow 

He found himself rushing out of the house every morning with the same lazy breakfast - Eggo Toaster Waffles smothered with Nutella and Peanut Butter. Admittedly, delicious, but most definitely not nutritious.

In March 2017, Andrew found that his bad habits started taking a toll on his body. He had lacked energy, and was either snacking or starving by 10:00 AM.

Andrew called his older brother, Peter (chef, entrepreneur, and someone who could actually make 'food' that wasn't a toaster waffle), to create something that was easy to make, healthy, and tasty enough to replace his beloved toaster waffle breakfast.

After endless failures, the first recipe for Flourish was created and Andrew was hooked. Andrew & Peter decided that this new creation was a secret best kept between brothers. And...the secret was well kept. That is until younger cousins Noah and Emma tried the mix and fell in love.

Two kids eating something healthy and begging for more? 
We're onto something here.