Fun Flourish Recipes

Protein Cinnabon Delights
Mar 19, 2021
Taking an indulgent classic and making it healthy! These cinnabon delights are melt in your mouth delicious, packed with protein and made with just a few ingredients 🙌
Protein Baked Oats
Feb 26, 2021
This is our version of the Baked Oats trend but packed with way more protein! It's basically like having cake for breakfast except it takes no effort and it’s actually healthy! We’re obsessed 🤩
Protein Crepes
Feb 12, 2021
You only need three ingredients to make these delicious Protein Crepes! Fill 'em up with your favourite spread and brunch is served.
Trail Mix Protein Bar
Jan 08, 2021
Healthy protein bars made with real ingredients right at home! This recipe is super easy to throw together and lasts all week as a quick, yummy protein snack 💪
Protein Chocolate Mug Cake (no sugar!)
Dec 30, 2020
Super healthy and just as delicious ⚡ This mug cake is ready in minutes and sure to fuel your day! Plus, it has NO SUGAR!
Pancake Champagne Trifle
Dec 22, 2020
This boozy dessert is perfect to enjoy while ringing in the new year at home ✨ It’s delicious, healthier than most and sure to get the party started right!