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Healthy, high-quality food

We're proud of our products and genuinely believe that every pancake-lover deserves healthy, high-quality food.

High Protein

Muscle-building pancakes for breakfast

No Added Sugar

Enjoy pancakes without any added sugars

High Fiber

Nourish your body with fiber-rich flapjacks

Tastes Flippin’ Delicious

Because you deserve to enjoy every bite.

Our mission

Fuel the progress you want with the foods you love.

Flourish was created to solve a simple problem: how do you achieve long-term, positive change in your life?

Easy. You build joy into to your daily routine. That's what Flourish is all about: we make breakfasts that pack a serious nutritional punch, while delivering your daily dose of enjoyment.

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Vanilla Protein Pancake Mix Whey-based High Protein Flourish
Vanilla Protein Pancake Mix Whey-based High Protein Flourish

Over 1,000,000 Happy Customers!

4.9 ★★★★★ based on 2,387 reviews

✅ Verified Customer • Brianna, 27

"27 Grams Of Protein But They're Soft & Fluffy Like Restaurant Pancakes. How!?"

✅ Verified Customer • Alexandra, 35

"I've been buying these for almost a year and when I tell you I'm obsesses, I'm putting it lightly"

✅ Verified Customer • Yannick, 46

"My picky kids absolutely love this mix! So easy to make, so versatile. It's my go to breakfast for my kids. "

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