What Do I Get For Voting?

Voting puts you in complete control of our newest flavour. In addition, you'll be automatically entered to win a 3-Month Supply of our newest flavour, you'll get 15% off when you pre-order the new flavour (coming soon) and you'll also get early access to it's launch! 

When Will The New Flavour Launch?

The winning flavour will be chosen on September 15th. After that, we'll need to give our recipe magicians time to make the perfect batch of mix for the winning flavour. The winning flavour will be available for everyone to purchase on October 1st, but voting now guarantees you access before everyone else. Pretty cool, right? I know.

How Can I Earn More Votes?

If you've already voted on this page, the next best thing to do is share on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #FlourishFlavourVote. You can also include a link to this page. Each time that  link is clicked, our system will automatically add another vote to your profile. Increasing your odds of winning!