Top 5 in Canadian Healthfood (Repost: TiaHealth)

Top 5 in Canadian Healthfood (Repost: TiaHealth)

Aug 21, 2018

Top 5 Canadian Healthfood Products

*This article was written by TiaHealth, a leading Canadian virtual care clinic focused on improving Canadian healthcare services by conveniently bringing Doctors right to your mobile device. The article below has not been edited, solicited or endorsed by Flourish*


With healthy and active lifestyles becoming a very common trend in Canadian culture we are constantly seeing new health food products being introduced by Canadians, for Canadians. Here we will introduce my personal top five favourite Canadian health food products and stores ranging from pancake mix to supplements and stores.

1. Flourish

Flourish pancakes are easily our favourite in-office treat on Fridays. Being another Canadian health-based product means that their main focus is on improving eating habits by creating better-for-you foods that actually taste delicious.

With three of the best flavours out there – buttermilk, chocolate, and vanilla – Flourish uses premium ingredients and natural sweeteners so you can leave those toaster waffles in the frozen section. These flavours are great with added fruits on top and make a healthy and hearty breakfast, lunch, dinner, or second dinner!

Fast delivery that’s free over $29 means that you can get your weeks’ worth of pancake mix at the click of a button.

2. Liquid Muscle

Liquid Muscle is Canada’s leading egg white based protein supplement. With four remarkable flavours – vanilla, strawberry, pina colada, and caramel apple – egg whites have never been so tasty.

All products contain 35 grams of pure clean protein due to zero fat, sugar, cholesterol, dairy, and gluten. That’s a lot of zeros and even more health benefits!

3. Balanced Box

Balanced box mails out curated care packages with premium health, fitness, and wellness products – like your own subscription to healthy living. These quarterly boxes usually include organic beauty products, health snacks, exercise accessories and more to help make your workouts way more fun and help you live a healthy, active lifestyle.

4. Canadian Protein

Canadian Protein is Canada’s highest quality source to buy whey protein supplements, vegan protein, and nutritional and bodybuilding supplements. Exploring their website, it is evident that Canadian Protein likes to pass on any deals they can provide to their customers on products ranging from supplements, to snacks, to apparel, what more could a health buff wish for? With too many supplement companies overcharging for the basics such as whey powder and BCAAs this is a major benefit of shopping with Canadian Protein.

5. Healthy Planet

Though this is an already well-established health food store chain, it remains high on our list of favourites. With 20 locations and growing, Healthy Planet provides a clean Apple-Store-esque feel with a vast range of health foods and supplements. Some of their new locations even feature an espresso and organic juice bar, and a heaping canteen of fruits, veggies, and raw foods. An excellent roster of chefs is ready to help you choose the perfect health snack on your way out, significantly differentiating them from other health food stores.

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