By Cicely Huinink

2021 New Year’s Resolution: Wellness


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My New Year's resolutions for 2020 are funny to look back on; move to a big city, go to the gym more, travel and gain new experiences - the same resolutions that can be found on countless other lists and bullet journals. Instead, I find myself living with my parents, doing half-hearted YouTube workouts, and rarely leaving my house. But as the saying goes, c’est la vie.
So instead of dwelling over these losses and calling this time a “write-off”, why don’t we take this time to prioritize wellness. To prioritize wellness is to be more mindful of our daily choices and make choices that lead us to a meaningful and healthy life. An important part of wellness is nourishing our bodies with healthy foods that do good for us.
By eating a balanced diet with nutrient-rich foods, fiber, and protein, you can help to improve mood, improve gut health, give you energy, reduce inflammation and support your immune system. If you’re looking for a great nutrient-rich, high fiber and protein-packed breakfast, Flourish Protein Pancakes & Waffle Mix checks all the boxes.
5 Simple Ways to Start the Year off Right


1. Balance your plate.
This means strategically balancing the portions of foods you put on your plate. This is very helpful for making sure you are getting a balanced diet of vegetables, protein and grain intake. The Canada's Dietary Guidelines recommend the ratio of: ½ plate of fruit and vegetables, ¼ plate of protein and ¼ plate of grains.
The simplest nutrition advice I can give is to:
  • eat larger portions of healthy foods
  • eat smaller portions of unhealthy foods
Unhealthy foods can be any processed foods, foods high (>15% DV) in sugar, saturated fats, sodium and calories. But remember: you don’t have to cut them out all together!
2. No thanks, I’ll just have water please.
Water is always the best beverage of choice. Other drinks like pop, hot chocolate (or a glass of champagne) can have a lot of hidden calories and often more sugar than you should have in an entire day! Drinking a cup of water before, during and after a meal can help you digest, keep things moving and help you feel full. Hydration is also important for elevating your mood and energy levels, which we could all use more of!
Tip: Bring a water bottle with you when you leave the house to stay hydrated.
3. “Let them eat cake!”
If there is a food or drink you love, eat it! There’s no use in depriving yourself of the small ounces of joy in this lifetime. Sit down, take time to chew your food and appreciate the flavors and tastes.
However, if that food or drink you love is high in sugar, sodium, calories or saturated fats, stick to one serving and balance it with a handful of your favorite veggies.
Tip: If you eat slowly, it’s easier for your body to digest and recognize “full” signals. If you need healthy dessert recipes, follow our Flourish instagram for inspo! And if you’re looking for a healthy snack option to satisfy your sweet tooth, try the Buttermilk Flourish Pancakes (bonus: sweet without the sugar!).
4. Get those steps in.
Get rid of the winter blues with some exercise, even if it’s just an evening walk around the block. Exercise can help you digest, alleviate stress and give you more energy!
Exercise + a healthy diet are the winning combo. Exercise can reduce blood pressure, reduce the risk of anxiety and depression and improve your sleep. Keeping a consistent exercise routine* can also reduce your risk of chronic diseases and keep your heart healthy.
5. Grocery List: Vitamin D.
Populations of adults in Canada and the Northern United States are at risk for vitamin D deficiency during the winter months. Fatigue and changes in mood can actually be symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency! Look for foods high in vitamin D, vitamin C, iron and B vitamins. These vitamins are important to keep your energy and mood regulated. Vitamin D is hard to find naturally in foods, and may need to be supplemented. Please, always talk with your doctor before taking a new supplement.
My 2021 New Year's resolutions: be kind to myself and others, take more breaks, nourish my body with good foods. We don’t know what 2021 will bring to the table. But we can take care of ourselves and those around us, and be grateful for all we have.
Best Wishes,
Cicely, MSc.
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For more information on the Canada’s Food Guide, please visit:
*= minimum 2.5 hours/week of moderate-intense aerobic exercise as per Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines
About the Author:
Cicely is Flourish’s resident MSc and runs the Research and Development department! Cicely has a passion for nutrition and wellness. In her free time, she likes to go for hikes and create new, healthy recipes.
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