Back to School Tips 2019 - Get Healthy and Fit this School Year

Back to School Tips 2019

Aug 13, 2019

Back to School Tips 2019

Flourish Back to School Tips 2019 

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Summer is coming to a close, the back to school season is upon us. Whether you're a parent looking for how to help your little or big one, or a student yourself trying to make school easier, these tips will be your partner-in-crime for going back. 

We want our Flourish fam to excel this school year by providing you with the skills and knowledge to do just that! It truly is the little things that count and can make the BIGGEST difference. Keep reading to find how you can make going back to school easier and better this year.


Make Your Morning Routine Easier

Time feels like it is ALWAYS non-existant in the morning. This is why planning in advance and thinking of your future self is super important. Instead of leaving packing lunch for a morning's task, do it the night before. The same can be done with breakfast. Use Flourish Protein Pancake Mix as batter for a waffle and freeze them once cooked. You can quickly defrost them in the morning for a quick and easy healthy breakfast.


Create More Exciting Tasty Lunches

It is SUPER easy to fall into a habit of preparing the same lunch over and over again. Heading over to Pinterest is a great way to find fun and new recipes that you can make for lunch. If you like to pack a snack or treat with your lunch, making Flourish Protein Muffins is a great healthy treat filled with protein and fibre. It'll give you that energy when experiencing a mid-day slump and keep you full until dinner.


Plan Out Your Week Ahead 

Life can get very hectic and overwhelming. Sit down on Sunday evening and plan out your week ahead. Include everything from meals to when you'll study to working out and family time. Whether you write this in a digital or physically planner, notebook or on your phone's notes app find a place that works best for you and will be easily accessible. Learning to manage your time will be your key to success this school year, whether you're in school or not!


Work Ahead of Deadlines

It is easy to fall behind or procrastinate your homework, assignments and studying for tests. I find the best way to keep stress at bay and to stay on top of all your work is to work ahead. If you have an assignment due Friday, write in your calendar that you want it done by Wednesday. Another tip is to do the assignment as soon as it is given to you instead of leaving it. This way the assignment is done, you have time to go back and refine your work and it is out of the way if more assignments are given!



Good luck this school year Flourish Fam!


The Flourish Fam is wishing all of you good luck and the utmost success this school year! Take these tips and integrate them into your daily routine and we're sure you'll be thriving in no time. Happy back-to-school!

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