5 Reasons Why You Need Flaxseeds in the Morning 


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You see flax seeds in almost every health-conscious product on the shelves these days, including ours. But what is really all the hype about? Their supreme fibre content leaves flaxseeds with only 0.2 grams of net carbs per serving, making them keto-friendly!(1)

Well, flax seeds have been known for their health benefits for CENTURIES, believe it or not. Media has started talking about them as a "super food" for their superior powers.

Let me tell you about some benefits of flax seeds that are backed by science!


1. Small, yet mighty, nutrient providers

Flax seeds are actually one of the oldest crops. Having two types, golden and brown, both are equal in their nutritional offerings.

In just one tablespoon of flax seeds, you can find protein, fibre, omega-3's, vitamins B1 and B6, iron, calcium and folate.

However, they are mostly known for their high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and fibre! 


2. Powerhouse for omega-3 fats

Flax seeds can be really beneficial if you're vegetarian or vegan when it comes to getting your daily intake of omega-3 fats.

Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is what flax seeds are rich in, a plant-based source of omega-3's. ALA is one of the 2 fatty acids that your body doesn't produce enough of it on its own, so it is important to get it from an outside source, such as flax seeds.

Studies show that plant-based ALA's benefit heart health and are linked to a lower risk of stroke. 


3. High lignans = reduced cancer risk

Lignans are plant-based sources of antioxidants which can lower cancer risk and improve health.  

Flax seeds contain 800x more lignans than other foods. This is one of the many reasons why we call them a "superfood".


4. Super Fiberous Flaxseed

In just one tablespoon of flax seeds, you can find 8-12% of your recommended daily intake of fibre.  In one serving of Flourish pancake mix, you can find 7 grams of fibre alone due to x amount of flax seed in every bag. 

Flax seeds contain two types of fibre - soluble and insoluble. By having both types, the fibre gets fermented in the gut and improves digestion. 

With its high fibre content, consuming flax seeds regularly can promote regular bowel movements and improve your digestive health.


5. They're a versatile ingredient!

Flax seeds or flax seed oil can be added to many foods you eat already. Examples of ways you can integrate them into your diet is by the following:

  • Using flaxseed oil on your salads as a dressing
  • Baking with flaxseed
  • Mixing flaxseed into smoothies
  • Adding them to water as an egg substitute
  • Mixing flaxseed into patties for a plant-based meat alternative
  • Topping your yogurt parfait with ground flax
  • Finding products that already have flaxseeds, like Flourish

There are so many benefits flax seeds can provide you by adding them to your diet and consuming them on a regular basis. In order to get the most benefit from your flax seeds, it's recommended to have them either milled or in an oil form for the most absorbability. 

The average person does not get anywhere near enough fibre per day

so making this small adjustment can make a big difference! By incorporating Flourish into your diet, you will not only be getting your protein in but also your fibre as all our mixes are made with ground flax seed. Experience the benefits of superfood flaxseeds by consuming Flourish Pancakes regularly as a part of your diet. 

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